Miguel Esquirol Rios

Design, words, images

Miguel Esquirol Rios

Design, words, images

About Me

My name is Miguel Esquirol, I was born in Bolivia and currently live in Montreal. I'm a journalist, writer and webdesigner.

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Miguel Esquirol Rios

Email: miguelesquirol@gmail.com
Twitter: @miguelesquirol


Web Design

I've been designing pages from more than 15 years, I started with basic html in old Netscape browser in a clunky machine, learned CSSl, moved from flash to html5, from tables and iframes to responsive sites. I can say that I've seen everything, when IE was standard (kiding), when Wordpress was fighting their place as a simple blog platform to become one of the most (if not the most) popular CMS around. I created many Wordpress sites, using templates, frameworks and even some of them from scratch. I had to learn PHP and jQuery to keep up to date. Since 2009 I started to work as webdesigner professionally (and in the last 3 years full time as front end deveolper), not just a hobby but actually creating useful pages for people, developing small personal projects, and working in a company with thousands of clients. Web design is still growing, and I plan to keep on learning.

Link Now Media

Case Studies

  • Company name: Areira
  • URL: areira.com
  • Kind: E Commerce
  • Company name: Dr Clay Henry
  • URL: clayahenry.org
  • Kind: Books Advertisment
  • Company name: That Damn Hill
  • URL: thatdamhill.ca
  • Kind: Yearly Marathon Race
  • Company name: Tysons Design
  • URL: tysonsdesign.com
  • Kind: Home Building and Architecture
  • Company name: US Framing
  • URL: usframing.org
  • Kind: Framing Company

More examples

I'm currently a front end developer and integrator at LinkNowMedia a webdesign company based in Montreal, Canada. I work with over 1000 clients and created thousands of websites from all kind of services.

Personal Projects

Cross Culture Cook was a project to bring cooks from all over the world and share their recipes and experiences. The project was developed with a journalist from Bangladesh.

CSJR The CSJR (Centre for Services in Restorative justice) is the bilingual site for a non-profit project that relies on encounters between persons who directly or indirectly, have suffered or committed crimes of a similar nature in order to restore together the damage done by the crime.

NCLA Website for for school of languages and arts in the Old Port in Montreal

Le Coloriste Website about hair coloring, redesigned and mobilized.

Technical Skills


Procedural Skills

Client mangement

I've been working with clients on a daily baisis being the person of contact on the company. My portafolio conaists of over 1000 active clients and i've worked with them on all aspects of web desig . From conception to integration; I answered questions, worked on SEO and tried hard to make them proud of their own website.

Template Creation

Even tough this wasn't my main role, I worked in the creation of a couple of templates. Templates taht later on were sold to our clients and become part of our plataform .

Full deveolpment cycle control

Because the websites we work with, I had the complete control of design, UX and code. ai worked with materials brought by the client and sometimes in completly independence of them. Thanks to that i was able toml experiment and play with different ideas and concepta. Always giving them the last word.

Graphic identity

Starting with a simple logo, and sometimes with just a company name I developed websites with an distinctive identity both for desktop and mobile screens.



Memorias de futuro

This is my first book, a collection of science fiction stories in spanish, with bolivia as a background.

Angulo Muerto

My second book, also short stories, but with a more general scope, stories full of hope and despair, but also about the wonder of life and the sadnes behind everyday gestures.



  • Palabras Más Culture and literature, Spain
  • Ciencia-Ficcion Cience fiction, Spain
  • Barcelona Review Culture and interviews, Spain
  • Cañasanta Movies, Canada
  • Opinion Culture and movies, Bolivia
  • Revista Narrativas Literature, Spain
  • Mal Bicho Culture and tendencies